TENSY is a trademark for artificial flavoring agents and car air fresheners manufactured in Russia by the Moscow based EVA Group Ltd.

The fragrance line comprises more than 40 items. Such a variety allows the customer to match the appropriate fragrance whoever he is and whatever the car. Moreover, the product range has been constantly expanded.

The EXCLUSIVE fragrance line deserves a special mention as it is based on fragrances of renowned world perfume brands. The additive flavors are imported directly from a European plant which is the leading perfume houses vendor.

All items are manufactured in Russia.

The artificial flavoring vial design and freshener vial design are laconic, up-to-date and compact. These vials offer different mounting possibilities and location options in the car.

Liquid, granules, gel, wood, organic, cardboard or ceramics can be a flavor carrier.

Traditionally, the TENSY trademark stands out by its quality. All the ingredients and raw materials have been carefully selected.

Choosing TENSY, you choose a true aroma!


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