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    The MM (wood) fragrance series has been updated with 6 new flavors in an updated design - in the form of Chinese characters.
    22 November , 2020

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Company "EVA group"

Own production car freshener


"EVA group" Ltd, Russia is a growing leader in the production of a wide range of car air fresheners under the TENSY brand.

The local manufacture, constantly expanding product line and top quality of car air fresheners set our products apart from the other car air fresheners, purifiers, ionizers, and similar gadgets in the market of automotive accessories.

The car air purifiers and air fresheners have long become an important feature of car showrooms, thanks to their ability to fill the air with enjoyable aromas and keep the fragrance for several weeks. Thin aromas also neutralize and absorb all bad smells in the vehicles interior for long periods of time. All our air fresheners are prepared with carefully sourced ingredients, tested in the laboratory not only for quality, but also for their intensity and prolonged exposure.

We deal with wholesale and small small-scale sales of car air fresheners from a warehouse in Moscow. We are ready to ship our products to any region of Russia.

The choice of aroma is an individual approach.

Our site is always at your service in the world of car air fresheners.


TENSY is a Russian trademark of car air fresheners and purifiers.

The production and wholesale of car air fresheners are organized under our brand.
The TENSY car air fresheners offer the top quality and a wide variety of aromas.

The basic difference from other manufacturers is that vast majority of products are equipped with the aroma samples.


BY PURPOSE: for vehicles interior

METHOD OF MOUNTING: hanging, placing under the seat, on the deflector, on the dashboard

BY FILLING: gel, liquid, granules, on a wooden basis, on a cardboard basis, ceramic, organic fiber

BY DESIGN: jars, bottles, bags, cardboard figures, wooden figures


coffee    lemon    new car    sea skvoch    vanilla    sea breeze

coffee lemonnew carsea skvochvanillasea breeze


orchid    watermelon    waterfall    pina kolada    sex elixir    bubble gum

orchid watermelonwaterfallpina koladasex elixirbubble gum


ocean    lilac    black ice    cherry    strawberry    egoist

ocean lilacblack icecherrystrawberryegoist


green apple    nord sea    kristal ise    parfum    frosty morning    tropik night

green apple nord seakristal iseparfumfrosty morning tropik night


amour    anna    velvet    bosco    dana    evolution

amour annavelvetboscodanaevolution


fleur    glamour    tenderness    plaisir    pretty woman    celebrity

fleur glamourtendernessplaisirpretty womancelebrity


charm    silk    delight

charm silkdelight



"EVA group" Ltd, Russia welcomes any kind of cooperation or partnership:

  1. Wholesale through distribution network

  2. Production under the customer's brand

  3. Distribution via agents in Russia and CIS countries

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